Tyler Leigh Fehrenbach

I am a principal of an elementary school in the South East Cornerstone Public School Division.  It is my eighteenth year in education and over those years I have taught every grade (Pre-K to 12), held the role of Curriculum Consultant (1 year), Vice Principal (2 years), and now I am in my second year in my current role of principal.

More important than all of that, I am a father and husband.  I have a lovely wife (Krystal) whom I have been married to for 12 years.  We have a son 10 years old, daughter 3 years old, and a little one in Heaven who we lost suddenly when she was only 21 months old.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a sports enthusiast and much of our lives revolve around sports.  I currently coach my son’s league and carded hockey teams and his league baseball team.  We are watch football and hockey religiously in our home.

I am nearing my Masters journey and currently only have three classes left.  I am finding that the classes that I have taken thus far have taught me tools to use in my role as a principal.  I am looking forward to finishing this journey but I am also looking forward to learning more tools to add to my “tool belt”.