What am I doing?

What am I doing?  This question has crossed my mind ever since I registered for this class.  But after our class on Tuesday, I have a change in thinking.  Now I say “I need this”.  I need to learn some new “tricks”, I need to update my “techie knowledge”, and I need to change.

I guess a little background on myself is needed.  I am Tyler Fehrenbach and I am currently the Principal of Carlyle Elementary School in the community of Carlyle located in the southeast part of the province.  We are part of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division.  I have been in this role for two years and love my job.  I have an unbelievable staff, including Justine who also is taking this class.  I also have 220 energetic and amazing students.  This is my eighteenth year in education where I have taught everything from Pre-K to Grade 12, been a Curriculum Consultant, and a Vice Principal, and now in the Principal role.

More important than all of that, I am a father and husband.  My wife is currently finishing her Social Work degree and still holds the position of  Community Education Liaison at the same school that I work at.  We have a ten year old son, a three year old daughter and a little one up in Heaven whom we lost suddenly when she was only 21 months old.  Our lives revolve around our kid’s activities and I coach or assistant coach all my son’s teams.  I believe that I will be at every game and practice therefore I might as well get involved.

I am nearing my Master’s Journey which began in 2011.  When we lost our daughter I took a leave and only last year decided to continue the journey.  I have just recently finished a very interesting class in the HR field, one that really pertains to my position now.  I realize that EC&I830 will also come in very handy, especially with my staff getting younger and younger and bringing in more technology into the classroom.  My final two classes will take place this summer during the first three weeks of July.  I am looking forward to the end but also wonder what I will do in the evenings with all my spare time.

Thoughout this school year our admin meetings have included some very interesting book circles and guest presenters.  We discuss authors such as Fullan and Davies, but this year we focused a lot around the work of Tom Hierck.  Tom’s book “Pyramid of Behavior Interventions – Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment” has really shaped our school and many others in our division.  His ideas of a common Behavior Matrix for the school and modelling expected behaviors by all students, staff and parents has really changed the way our school operates.



I am hoping that this class will open new path ways fro me, pathways that will enable me to connect better with my students, staff and community.  At the end of this journey I want to be able to not say “what am I doing/


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9 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Hey Tyler. I find it quite remarkable that you would tell us the very sad part of your life story. Thank you for sharing it, and best of luck continuing on with classes. Look forward to learning with you 🙂 angela


  2. Hey Tyler,

    Your kids are beautiful. You tugged on my heart when I read about your daughter in heaven. I am a new parent myself and all of this edtech learning aside, anytime you feel like sharing how you balance kids, their sports and activities, with being a leader in your community, a principal, a spouse, your list goes on…. I am game to hear it. Somedays finding balance seems unnatainable to me, and then I have to go throw learning how to use technology in there too (WHAT AM I DOING???). I am hoping for some of the same things you are and I agree, a change in thinking needs to be the first thing. So here is to stopping my thinking that technology has to be stressful, and here goes nothing as I try to really move outside my comfort zone.


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